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2018 Maggie Award finalist

Saving Miss Lillian

She was just looking for work. What she found was an eccentric old lady, a murder plot, and an unforeseen romance…


Though she may be terrified of water, tireless nurse Sunny Iles otherwise lives up to her cheerful name. But when her doctor boyfriend dumps her, she quits and takes a temp job caring for an elderly woman racing towards dementia. And as soon as she’s hired, she learns her wealthy client resides on an island and wants Sunny to protect her from a killer.


Convinced to pose as the patient’s long-lost cousin, the dutiful nurse sets aside her phobia and agrees to play bodyguard. Digging into the old woman’s claims, Sunny discovers two things: her employer is perfectly sane, and the isle is home to a handsome naturalist. But with the death threat real, she must face her aquaphobia to spring a deadly trap before she can fall in love.


Can Sunny catch a would-be murderer as well as the man of her dreams?


“A closely woven tale of greed and deceit—a winner for sure!” --Fran Stewart, author of the ScotShop and the Biscuit McKee mystery series-


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Snakes and Lovers

She’s done with commitment. Until a whole pile of complications coils its way around her life.


Daytona Beach, 2005. After two failed marriages, Daisy Harrison enjoys a carefree existence. Deciding that love is for losers, the thirty-something serves cocktails by night and soaks up the sun by day. But when her best friend vanishes without a trace, Daisy’s left to care for her young son… and a five-foot python.


Vowing to find the missing snake-dancer and reunite the family, Daisy heads off on a crazy quest across the country in her less-than-reliable purple van. But as the wheels fall off her search and she discovers the boy’s mother has slithered into danger, she’s horrified when the only person who can help is the guy who broke her heart.


Can Daisy follow a serpentine path out of trouble and into happiness?

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