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The River Nymph

ISBN 978-0999657959

Georgia, 1924. Fourteen-year-old Tenny is determined to change her fate. After running away from bleak prospects to a tiny town, she fights to find a respectable place to stay. But with scant belongings and little money, she’s soon battling for survival in a world of dangerous men.


Pete could never forget the vision of the pretty girl he saw washing in a river. But the aspiring medical student has grand plans for his future, and pursuing the affections of the town belle is his biggest goal.

Cleverly lying her way into nursing school, Tenny’s blossoming friendship with the young doctor-in-training ends in heartbreak when he marries another woman. But after Pete’s life is turned upside down with an invalid wife and a needy newborn, it’s Tenny he leans on for support.


Will their hearts turn aside, or will they take a second chance for real love?


"A richly detailed and thoroughly entertaining historical tale"--Kirkus Reviews


Gold medal winner, Benjamin Franklin Award 2020 Silver medal, Southern Fiction, Readers Favorite Award
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Named one of the 100 best Indie books of 2017 by Kirkus Reviews

Rubies from Burma


A world at war. Romantic tension. A forlorn girl determined to win over a man she cannot have.


Georgia, 1941. Mae Lee Willis may only be eight years old, but she has her heart set on her older sister’s boyfriend. Frustrated by her sibling’s infidelity to the dashing paratrooper, she takes matters into her own hands. But the little girl never expected spilling the beans would have fatal consequences…



When the long-forbidden apple of Mae Lee’s eye returns years later damaged in mind and body from his battles in Burma, she can’t shake her naïve longing. But when a sudden tragedy commits her to her sister’s care, the heartsick teen is forced to face the brutal fragility of family bonds and selfless sacrifice.


Will Mae Lee’s WWII flame be smothered by reality?

“Exceptionally satisfying—Lovett is the real deal.” –Kirkus reviews


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2018 Maggie Award Finalist
Saving Miss Lillian

She was just looking for work. What she found was an eccentric old lady, a murder plot, and an unforeseen romance…


Though she may be terrified of water, tireless nurse Sunny Iles otherwise lives up to her cheerful name. But when her doctor boyfriend dumps her, she quits and takes a temp job caring for an elderly woman racing towards dementia. And as soon as she’s hired, she learns her wealthy client resides on an island and wants Sunny to protect her from a killer.


Convinced to pose as the patient’s long-lost cousin, the dutiful nurse sets aside her phobia and agrees to play bodyguard. Digging into the old woman’s claims, Sunny discovers two things: her employer is perfectly sane, and the isle is home to a handsome naturalist. But with the death threat real, she must face her aquaphobia to spring a deadly trap before she can fall in love.


Can Sunny catch a would-be murderer as well as the man of her dreams?


“A closely woven tale of greed and deceit—a winner for sure!” --Fran Stewart, author of the ScotShop and the Biscuit McKee mystery series-