Dear Reader, I love writing these books, and I wrote them for you. My historical Southern family sagas are set in places I know well, and my romances float in the mainstream, buoyed with a bit of derring-do. A longtime fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald, I began to write The River Nymph about a young flapper in the 1920s, and at one point I needed a nurse for a baby. When I started writing about the nurse, I felt as if she were sitting on my shoulder telling me her story, and  I wrote pages and pages before I stopped. I knew then she'd have to be the main focus of the book. Here she is, The River Nymph.

Love, Anne

The River Nymph

ISBN 978-0999657959

Tenny Chance and Augusta Pemberton chase dreams of independence  and fulfillment--in Tenny's case, to become a respectable nurse, in Gussie's, to leave Ashbyville and go to New York, where jazz and fun rule, to sell her photographs to magazines.  Enter smooth talker Ned Fletcher, who romances Gussie and sidesteps Tenny, who suspects he may be her missing brother.


From Jubal Chance's bare-wood shack to Judge Pemberton's comfortable brick house, from struggling cotton mill workers to the local hospital's nursing school, from Essie Swift Female Institute to high-rolling Havana and Chicago gangsters,

Tenny and Gussie each travel a spirited roller-coaster journey as they struggle with parents, gamblers, mean girls, and villains to achieve their dreams of love and success.

"A richly detailed and thoroughly entertaining historical tale"--Kirkus Reviews

Rubies from Burma


Can a young girl find the courage to save the sister she hates?    


In a rural Georgia town in 1941, young Mae Lee Willis feels invisible next to her glamorous, sultry older sister, engaged to Lt. Duke Radford, son of a wealthy industrialist. But when Ava dumps Duke for another while he's on an undercover mission in Burma, Mae Lee, who loves him from afar, fights to make sure he comes back to them.  Her actions cause unintended consequences… and she eventually must make a choice that will change her life forever.


“Exceptionally satisfying—Lovett is the real deal.” –Kirkus reviews

Saving Miss Lillian

An unspoiled Georgia coastal island's fate stands in the balance as a plucky nurse fends off a plot to kill the island's owner. 


Single mother Sunny Iles, after a romantic disaster, impulsively quits her nursing job to take another in the next state. To fill the six weeks between jobs, she signs on to look after an elderly grande dame who just happens to own an island. The catch is that somebody is trying to kill the lady to get control of the island, and Sunny finds that not only is she now a bodyguard, but definitely doesn’t need to fall in love with the hunky island naturalist.  


“A closely woven tale of greed and deceit—a winner for sure!” --Fran Stewart, author of the ScotShop and the Biscuit McKee mystery series-

Snakes and Lovers

Coming later,  a quirky romance with a bar waitress, a snake, a small boy, and a jewel thief.


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