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Dublin, Georgia was a great place to grow up, walking ten blocks to school on a tree-lined street and making lifelong friends. My mom taught me to read at three and I never stopped loving books. I began writing as soon as I had some extra notebook paper, and I wrote a humor column for my high school newspaper. To make a long story short, I didn't study English because I had an idealistic wish of becoming  a doctor.   


Fast forward to my graduation minus English and imagine my surprise when I found myself in the  lightweight concrete air conditioner pad business (another long story). It's still flourishing today as a supplier to HVAC dealers, though I sold my share long ago. I know more than the average bear about concrete, and you might find it mentioned in my latest book, Snakes and Lovers.


After my three amazing children, including one with Down syndrome, were in school, I studied writing. I published literary short stories, personal essays, journalism, and poetry.  Now I write Southern historical novels and Southern mystery novels with a dash of magnolia-scented romance. I live in Atlanta with my husband, who still plays with trains. When not writing or reading, I can usually be found playing in the dirt, making a mess in the kitchen, or  visiting historic sites to find good settings!

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