The River Nymph

On a disastrous August night in 1924, 14-year-old Tenny Chance  flees a sharecropper's shack on a Georgia plantation, determined to find her brother and a job in order to save her family from degrading poverty.  Two days later, 17-year-old flapper Augusta Pemberton and her cousin Pete Godwin photograph Tenny bathing in the Ocmulgee river on her way to Ashbyville, setting the scene for the eventual meeting of the two young women and the collision of their lives. Pete can't forget the mysterious young woman he calls the river nymph.



"In the River Nymph]--readers will find themselves rooting for them [the characters]...Lovett proves herself to be a master of plot....A richly detailed and thoroughly entertaining historical tale." -Kirkus Reviews


Well-begun is half done, and debut novelist Lovett captures us on the very first page of [Rubies from Burma] set in rural Georgia in the middle of the last century. ...Exceptionally satisfying, Lovett is the real deal. 

                              --Kirkus Reviews (starred review)        

Anne Lovett’s luscious debut novel, Rubies from Burma, places her clearly in the tradition of fine Southern story tellers. This poignant story of two sisters at odds...kept me up at night, turning its pages. ...Readers, like me, will eagerly await her next book.

                               -- Rosemary Daniell, author of The Hurricane Season and seven other books of poetry and prose

[Rubies from Burma] is a masterpiece of lush writing, telling of a young girl’s growing-up years at a time in history when innocence was not so rare. Scenes of life on a Georgia farm of the 1940s and ‘50s will stay in your mind and heart....

                                   --Judith Keim, author of The Beach House Hotel series and other books.


[Saving Miss Lillian] is a well-plotted, solidly paced work of women’s fiction in which an impulsive decision by [nurse Sunny Iles] to become a personal caregiver to a wealthy patient soon has her embroiled in a web of deceit.

... prose and dialogue are casual and unpretentious, with a laid-back feel to them... reminiscent of that of Nicholas Sparks, and... like a Sparks novel, the book has a great cast of characters and a great setting.

 The main characters in Lovett’s book are fully developed and will easily remind readers of people in their own lives. Readers will care about them and their story.

                                          --The Book Life Prize



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